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A7: Vetch's Pier

Notes and Information
  • Vetch’s Pier (known as “Vetchies” to the locals) is what is left of a man-made pier, jutting out into the sea off Durban Beach. The granite boulders have over time become a reef, home to beds of hard and soft corals, hundreds of fish, and other marine life, including shells.

  • Low tide exposes the top of the reef, and it is about 7m to the bottom at its deepest, making it a great place to snorkel or undertake shallow dives.

Location Photos

The photos below are indicative of the location. However, there may be differences due to natural changes over time.

Image - Vetchs Pier 1.png
Image - Vetchs Pier 2.jpg
Image - Vetchs Pier 3.png
Location Map
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