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A7: Thompson's Bay

Notes and Information
  • This location is at Thompson's Bay, Ballito.

  • The best shelling spot in this area is through the “hole in the wall” next to the Thompson’s Bay tidal pool. There you will find the small “secret beach”. The rock pools and gullies running into the sea from the secret beach is host to all sorts of marine life, including lovely shells.

  • NOTE: low tides are best to go shelling here, although many shells can be found in very shallow areas close to the beach.

  • NOTE: check the tide tables before heading through the "hole in the wall". The hole is inaccessible at high tide and you could be stuck on the secret beach for hours if you do not time it right.

Location Photos

The photos below are indicative of the location. However, there may be differences due to natural changes over time.

Image - Thompsons Bay 1.jpg
Image - Thompsons Bay 2.jpg
Image - Thompsons Bay 3.jpg
Location Map
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