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A6: Shelly Beach

Notes and Information
  • The main location here is next to the large tidal pool behind Shelly Centre, Shelly Beach.

  • To get there, go down Albert Meyer drive, past Eden Dunes holiday flats, to the parking by the Ski-boat Club.

  • The rocks to the right of the large tidal pool in front of the Ski-boat Club, all the way to below Tahiti Sands, offer a couple of good washouts.

  • NOTE: the best times are during low tides, as this offers great opportunity to snorkel within the natural rock pools.

  • A secondary (and more secretive) location is near the Bondi Beach Resort.

  • To get there from the tidal pool, go left (northward) around the bay, for about 1 to 2km along the beach, up to about where the Bondi Beach Resort is located

  • This is an area where great shells have been found in the past.

Location Photos

The photos below are indicative of the location. However, there may be differences due to natural changes over time.

Image - Shelly Beach Tidal Pool Area 1.jpg
Image - Shelly Beach Tidal Pool Area 2.jpg
Image - Bondi Beach Resort Area 2.jpg
Bondi Beach location
Location Map
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