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A6: Pumula

Notes and Information
  • This location is at Pumula, near Hibberdene.

  • Take the Hibberdene offramp and pass through Hibberdene and Umzumbe. Then take a left turn down to the Pumula beach area.

  • NOTE: if there are no fishermen parked in the allocated parking area, stop either at the Café around the corner or in front of the Boat House on the grass, as these are the safest areas to leave your car.

  • NOTE: the best time is at low tide.

  • In the rock pools, under the sand and grit, you will find live Heliacus variegatus, Heliacus areola, Heliacus radiates, Heliacus infundibuliformis and Heliacus trochoides.

  • You can also find many cowries if you are early and the tide is right.

Location Photos

The photos below are indicative of the location. However, there may be differences due to natural changes over time.

Image - Pumula 2.jpg
Image - Pumula 1.jpg
Image - Pumula 3.jpg
Location Map
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