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A6: Park Rynie

Notes and Information
  • This location is at Park Rynie, near Scottburgh.

  • To reach this prime shelling location, follw the road below the Scottburgh Golf Course (Bermuda Way). Bermuda Way becomes Marine Drive at some point. Go until you reach 2nd Avenue, then turn left.

  • There are two shelling locations here, the one being the large tidal pool (the one with the stainless steel hand ballustrades) and the second (more promising one) being the rocks to the left of it.

  • The tidal pool is famous for its lovely marine life, including fish, crabs, corals, urchins (many of them…) and shells. A night dive in the pool will reveal many species not visible during daytime, but beware of the urchins – they come out in large numbers and crawl out on the pool floor at night.

  • The large rock shelves to the left of the tidal pool (facing the sea) are host to many beautiful shells. Splendid shells can be found along this rocky stretch for at least 2km from tidal pool.

  • NOTE: this is best undertaken during low tide, as the rocks can be treacherous during tidal swells.

Location Photos

The photos below are indicative of the location. However, there may be differences due to natural changes over time.

Image - Park Rynie Tidal Pool Area.jpg
Location Map
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