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A8: Bhanga Nek

Notes and Information
  • This location relates to the beach at Bhanga Nek near Kosi Bay.

  • NOTE: Bhanga Nek is in the iSimangaliso Marine Protected Area. No collection of live specimens is allowed in the MPA, even with a permit. Only beached and dead specimens may be collected here.

  • It is remote and pristine (much more so than at Kosi Bay Mouth).

  • A great shelling location, especially for cowries.

  • There are also many shells for sale by the locals in the area.

Location Photos

The photos below are indicative of the location. However, there may be differences due to natural changes over time.

Image - Bhanga Nek Area 2.jpg
Image - Bhanga Nek Area 1.jpg
Location Map
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