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Shelly Beach Shell Club

Club Info

Club Chairperson: Roy Aiken

Meeting Scheduling: As arranged

Meeting Times: As arranged

Contact the Club Chairperson:

Current 2023 Meeting Schedule


As arranged


To be confirmed

An up-to-date Schedule, containing meeting dates, topics, presenters, hosts for the evening and other related information will be provided for download once available.
Venue Address

The venue is decided on prior to each meeting - please contact Roy to determine where the next meeting will take place.

More information can also be found at St Mike's Book Exchange (link below), where Roy has partnered with the shop owner in setting up a shells and shell book niche.

Club Downloads

Here you can download presentations, documents or other bits of information as discussed during Shelly Beach Club Meetings:

Club Images

November 2022

SC Club pic 1.JPG

16 March 2024 - Cassids of Africa / meeting in memory of Jurie Matthee

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